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Tools for Digital Performance Marketing in the OTT Age

How media and entertainment brands adapt to a direct audience relationship

The online landscape has created a new dynamic, allowing for direct customer relationships in industries where the relationship had formerly been disintermediated. This is happening in a broad set of industries including CPG, automotive and insurance. One space that has seen significant impact is the media and entertainment industry.

To succeed in this new world, M&E marketers need to build a direct connection with their consumers and leverage advanced data analytics and digital marketing techniques to better target and engage customers and prospects. In other words, M&E marketers need to add data-driven direct response skills to their marketing tool set. 

This white paper reviews what a successful performance marketing campaign looks like, how media and entertainment marketers are already beginning to make the transition and what your organization can do to build a direct relationship with its audience. To remain competitive in today’s OTT world, having a direct relationship with your audience is no longer optional. This guide will arm you with the necessary tools.

What You Will Learn:

  • The data and technology essentials to building a direct-to-consumer relationship
  • What types of data are needed to build a complete picture of an individual
  • Elements of a disciplined performance marketing campaign 
  • What other M&E companies are doing to build direct relationships with their audience
  • What a performance marketing campaign looks like