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The Ideal B-to-B Loyalty Program: What Should It Look Like?

The Ideal B-to-B Loyalty Program: What Should It Look Like?

By their very nature, B-to-B loyalty programs are unique entities. They are marked by long buying cycles, complex organizations, and industry-specific needs. Business owners have high expectations for rewards and measurable results once they join – whether they define results as higher sales, lower operational costs, strong competitive advantage, or other benchmarks.

How can B-to-B sellers give their business clients the incentives and rewards they expect, while also delivering the customer-centric services and resources that keep B-to-B members engaged, successful, and loyal?

Download the 1st report of our 3-part B-to-B loyalty report series to understand what the ideal B-to-B loyalty program should look like so that it's attractive to buyers and delivers results for sellers.

About the Report Series: 

The Essential Guide to Establishing Loyalty for B-to-B is a series of three reports, published by 500friends and Merkle, examining the value of non-financial, value-added incentives and services in B-to-B loyalty programs for cementing stronger B2B provider-member relationships and driving revenues from B-to-B loyalty programs.

Financial incentives have significant power to attract members' interest in B2B loyalty programs, but what really cements provider-member relationships and leads to more B2B-attributable revenues is the provider's ability to embed itself across the members' business operations – a joint formula for the continued success of both companies.

The series of three reports will examine how:

  • Non-financial incentives and business-building services have the power to deepen seller-to-buyer relationships and boost revenues attributed to B-to-B loyalty programs.
  • Business owners and B-to-B buyers identify non-financial incentives and supportive, reliable, business-building services as most critical to their continued loyalty. These value-added services can range from dedicated support to educational content to the certainty of reliable products and services.
  • Business-building services and reliable products/services – accompanied by high levels of personal attention, professional knowledge, and helpful resources – can strengthen relationships between B-to-B program providers and members.
  • B-to-B members want reassurances that their B-to-B loyalty program providers can help them run their businesses more successfully.