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The Great Loyalty Reset

A Global Outlook on Retail & CPG Loyalty

Changing consumer preferences.

A market in flux.

It’s time to reset and reignite loyalty.

It’s time for connected loyalty.

The first in a series of global loyalty surveys conducted by 500friends and Merkle’s Loyalty Solutions Group, The Great Loyalty Reset reveals some long-standing misconceptions about consumers' engagement with loyalty programs.

Analyzing sentiment data from retail and CPG loyalty program managers and members of loyalty programs across the globe, the findings serve as a wake-up call for retailers to embrace "connected loyalty" in order to stay relevant in a marketplace undergoing constant, rapid change.

Doing so will solve key challenges:

  • The Loyalty Disconnect: While loyalty program managers profess to have a 360-degree view of their members, consumers say they often feel as if "the brand doesn't get me."
  • Stemming Churn: 50% of consumers have quit a loyalty program, and those who leave are prone to shop less with the brand or abandon it entirely.
  • Increasing Spend: 86% of consumers who like a loyalty program will shop more, and of those, 58% will shop 15% or more with their retailer/brand of choice.

Find out those answers and more by downloading The Great Loyalty Reset. Just fill out the form on this page.