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Beyond Financial Incentives

Beyond Financial Incentives

Business-Building Resources & Services Can Drive Engagement and Retention of High-Value B-to-B Loyalty Members

In the first of this three-part business-to-business (B-to-B) loyalty report series, The Ideal B-to-B Loyalty Program: What Should It Look Like?, Merkle Loyalty Solutions began detailing the results from its April 2017 survey of B-to-B loyalty program sellers and buyers in North America and the UK.

The findings revealed that, even though financial incentives do attract B-to-B buyers to business-oriented loyalty programs, members’ needs quickly shift. In the long run, non-financial incentives and services — such as dedicated support, resources, connections, and knowledge — can contribute even more meaningfully to the growth and success of members’ businesses. 

This second report of the series addresses these key questions:

  • What non-financial resources can B-to-B sellers provide to illustrate their expertise and prove that they understand their B-to-B members’ challenges and needs?
  • How can the seller demonstrate a solution’s ability to attract new customers and help existing business members grow and succeed?
  • Which business-building services deliver the most long-term value to both buyers and sellers?

Download the second report of our three-part B-to-B loyalty report series for tangible, specific ideas around "business-building services" and what they might look like for B-to-B members.

Download your free copy of the report by filling out the form here.

Charts from this report: