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Display & Paid Social Strategy in 2021 – Leaning into New Ways to Interact with Customers

Episode 2: | Jan. 14, 2021

What trends can marketers expect within display and paid social in 2021? How will these trends differ from 2020? Andreah and Gaia discuss marketing trends with Merkle’s Emily Roe and they get her thoughts on what’s up next for these channels.

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Digital Marketing Musings

What’s happening with digital media right now? This podcast provides a casual pulse on industry developments and applicable strategies for staying relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape. Marketers get a boost from digital marketing experts that solve real-time problems and help brands thrive.

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Episode Details


Manager, Customer Strategy
SEO Associate Director


Integrated Media Director

Episode Notes

Emily’s 2021 predictions for display and paid social:

  • Expect to see a continuation of trends that started as big shifts in 2020 from the pandemic, but will see some reversions to pre-COVID-19 behavior in 2021 as vaccines become more widely available
  • Brands will lean into innovative ways to interact with their customers, such as social commerce and virtual reality
  • Going to see a continued increase in spend for display and paid social

Emily’s 2021 predictions for digital marketing:

  • Privacy will transpire into targetability and measurement conversations and marketers will really start to feel the impact of these privacy changes

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