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Critical Media Trends for Q4 2022

Episode 49 | Oct. 28, 2022

Gaia and Andreah are joined by Merkle’s Melissa Reilly, Associate Director, Marketing Communications, and Jane Yeo, Media Strategy Manager. The guests discuss insights and trends from the Q4 2022 Performance Media Report which surveyed 250 marketing decision-makers.

Highlights include:

  • Why did CPC and CPM see less YoY growth this quarter?
  • How are ongoing trends going to impact brands in Q4?
  • Why are customers craving a frictionless holiday shopping experience?
  • What are the benefits of the shopping ad format?
  • What is out-of-home marketing?
  • Why should brands tighten up tech and data integrations?


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Episode Details


Manager, Customer Strategy
SEO Associate Director


Associate Director, Performance Media and Marketing Communications, Merkle
Digital Media Strategy Manager, Merkle

Episode Notes

Merkle experts Melissa Reilly and Jane Yeo share trends across paid channels for Q3 and how they will affect brands in Q4.


  • 44% of brands are planning to provide blended physical and digital experiences this holiday season.
  • When testing automation tools, don’t set it and forget it. They still require human oversight to succeed.
  • While important to monitor, GA4 and cookie deprecation won’t have a huge impact on Q4.
  • Only 24% of survey respondents have made significant progress in migrating to GA4.
  • Despite challenges, brands are adapting and growing like never before.


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