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July 23, 2018
MarTech Advisor

Understanding Marketing Data Platforms

With the emergence of Customer Data Platforms (CDP), marketers are becoming even more confused about the marketing data management space. In this article Peter Rogers, Vice President of Technology at Merkle, defines, the landscape, articulate the differences in the tools and make the case that brands need a DMP, CDP and a marketing database.
Author: Peter Rogers
June 28, 2018
NonProfit PRO

Donor Journeys: Put a Plan in Motion

Though crafting out a comprehensive donor journey requires the right technology for full enablement, there are still some steps all nonprofits can take today to ensure that consumer preference and donor communications are better leveraged to improve both the donor experience and ultimately the value of individual donors.
Topics: Nonprofit | Digital & User Experience (UX)
June 26, 2018
MarTech Advisor

What Comes First: Strategy or Technology?

If you’re like many marketers, you have a love-hate relationship with technology. It is both an enabler and a hindrance to your success. This article by, Scott Brenneman, Associate Director, Technology Strategy at Merkle, will help guide you through choosing the right technology strategically and thoughtfully.
Author: Scott Brenneman
Topics: Marketing Technology
June 21, 2018
Pharm Exec

Connecting the 5 Spheres of People-Based Marketing

Five people-focused domains must be mastered in order to measure and manage individual relationships, better align influencer programs, and optimize the overall cumulative impact on behavior. These domains, or “spheres,” encompass not only traditional digital and offline engagements, but also personalized experiences and orchestrated campaigns built on today’s cloud marketing platforms.
Author: Kent Groves, PhD | Croom Lawrence
Topics: Health & Wellness | Analytics