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June 23, 2022
Advertising Week

How Brands Can Transform Their Measurement Framework to Drive Organizational Change

Accurate and actionable marketing measurement is always contingent on establishing and aligning on a holistic measurement strategy. Organizations planning ahead of the curve are rapidly rethinking their own measurement frameworks to ensure they accommodate industry shifts. Failure to adapt a measurement strategy limits leaders’ vision and, by extension, the success of their business.
Author: Shirli Zelcer
June 15, 2022
NonProfit PRO

3 Steps to Shape Nonprofit Constituent Relationships in the New Age of Experience

Consumers today are looking for authentic, personal experiences with the brands with which they do business. While nonprofits acknowledge the importance of personalizing their constituents’ experiences, they lag the commercial market in delivery, historically relying on constituents’ emotional connections to their missions to acquire and retain them.
June 08, 2022

Are You Ready For The 'Digital Genesis'?

I feel that we are at the edge of the epiphany of a digital genesis, like right before the ancient Exodus and Renaissance. Socially and environmentally, there are great sustainability challenges to solve for. The clock is ticking, and we need to respond to the sustainability agenda more seriously beyond CSR (corporate social responsibility) lip service.
Author: Rachel Ooi
June 01, 2022
The Drum

Aligning Data Strategies By Treating Experiences Like Products

Products often dictate the direction that brands take on many aspects of their business, including their data strategies. The entire organization is typically aligned on selling products to increase revenue, but, in 2022, customers are looking beyond the products. They are bringing their entire experience into play when making purchasing decisions.
Author: Matt Naeger
May 26, 2022

Gaining Data Governance Flexibility in the Cloud

Storing your company data in the cloud can not only be empowering but also a breath of fresh air for your organization. It enables you to quickly pivot where other non-cloud organizations must zig and zag, allowing you to be proactive. Blake DeLuca, senior manager of cloud innovation product at Merkle, explores how organizations can gain and manage flexibility in their cloud data governance.
Author: Blake DeLuca
Topics: Data SolutionsMarketing Database & Data Management
May 26, 2022
The Drum

3 ways consumer goods brands can avoid 'commoditization'

What does it mean to be a consumer goods brand today? Formerly reliant on brick-and-mortar stores before 2020, the industry pivoted heavily to online channels during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, it's navigating a middle ground in flux. John Stauffer, managing director of strategic planning at Merkle, looks at how brands can avoid being mere commodities in this environment.
Author: John Stauffer