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November 30, 2022
The Drum

Challenging Market Forces Meet Rising Consumer Expectations

If the chaos of the past few years has taught us anything, it’s the value of investing in our physical and mental wellness. But today’s universally higher prices have now caused households to shift that focus to their financial wellness. I believe consumers are trying to move beyond wellness to building a sense of financial joy. Asking themselves “how do my financial decisions further my joy?”
Author: Chris Pritcher
Topics: Customer Strategy
November 17, 2022
Analytics Insight


In the ever-developing field of data science, the onus is on data scientists, to keep track of developments in algorithms, technology stacks, databases, and languages. One such development is a programming language called Julia, which has received a fair bit of attention in the past few years because of its high speed and ease of use.
Author: Vedang Dalal
Topics: Tech
November 15, 2022
The Drum

Commerce as a Canvas for Creativity

As we head into the holidays, brands are finalizing plans for 2023, entering year three since the pandemic began. Perhaps one of the most significant changes has been the cooling off of the once-hot direct-to-consumer (DTC) category.
Author: John Stauffer
November 14, 2022

Content Velocity: Fueling Exceptional Experiences Goes Far Beyond Scaled Production

Fast forward 30 years and our hunger for new content pales in comparison to the content needs that audiences have put on brands today. The fact is that 485 minutes per day are spent consuming digital media. That’s over 8 hours of content consumption per person, per day.1 Accelerated by the pandemic, most brands now find themselves scrambling to find a total solution to their content crisis.
Author: Amy Thorne
Topics: Performance Creative
November 12, 2022
The CSR Journal

Improving Mental Health through Healthcare CX

The concept of normal is powerful. It is so powerful that even the idea of a “new normal” is now commonly applied to address big societal shifts. However, in mental health, applying the term normal can be a debilitating notion that isolates and stigmatises. It leads to feelings of shame and perceptions of brokenness or being different in unacceptable ways.
Author: Katie Wallace
Topics: Health & Wellness