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February 09, 2022
ToolBox Marketing

What a Successful CDP Implementation Actually Looks Like

Customer data platforms (CDP) can offer several benefits to companies. They can simplify the setup required to build a unified customer view across the organization and help marketers access data in real-time and operationalize it. But what does a successful CDP implementation actually look like, and what does it require? She discusses this in this article.
Author: Carly French
February 07, 2022
Street Fight

How Data Provides a Two-Way Story to Drive Performance

I am a believer in the power of stories. On a human level, stories lead to empathy. If we acknowledge that all of our unique stories are worth telling and being listened to, we take the first step toward understanding each other. The same holds true for brands.
Author: Suzy Jackson
January 18, 2022
Advertising Week

Engaging Gamified Experiences Begins with Emotion

Mention the word gamification to a marketer and points, badges, and leaderboards undoubtedly come to mind. But the most engaging gamified experiences don’t come from adding a single mechanic, like a badge, to an approach. Gamified experiences are most successful when you can tap into a core emotion that motivates intrinsic engagement.
Author: Michela Baxter
In Our Company