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March 03, 2022
Media Post

'Brand Safety' Spikes Amid Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

This week’s intent data suggests marketers are looking to implement “roadblocking” in their advertising efforts. A tactic often used for gaining attention and engagement, the term describes what happens when all placements on a particular website or page are “roadblocked” with the same creative, taking over all ad sizes at once.
Author: Michael McLaren
February 24, 2022
Media Post

Clients Are Digging Into 'Modern Marketing'

Marketers have been looking to level up their efforts as of late, as evidenced by topics like “modern marketing” and “advertising solutions” being among the most-consumed topics last week across brands and agencies, respectively, according to Bombora Company Surge.
Author: Michael McLaren
February 22, 2022

Never Mind the Metaverse—Social Shoppers Are Here Now

For businesses large and small, 2022 will become the breakthrough year when sales registers grasp the impact of social media. By year’s end, we will better understand social shoppers and the role brands can play in terms of selling, branding, and marketing.
Author: Graeme Jamieson
February 21, 2022
NonProfit Pro

It’s Q1: Time to Start Year-End Planning

Every year, nonprofit marketers focus on the sprint that is year-end fundraising from Giving Tuesday through the end of the year. And every year, we say this feels like it’s all happening sooner — and it actually is
Author: Lisa Dick
February 18, 2022
Martech Series

The New CX Stack Makes the Business the Boss

Over the past few years, marketing has become the primary user and owner of customer experience technologies, taking the reins from its IT counterpart. Forward-thinking marketing teams are creating quick solutions to meet the needs of today’s fast-moving and ever-changing consumers.
Author: Phil Marsalona
In Our Company