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Overcome the Data Roadblocks to Personalization at Scale

Find out how to make smart decisions about where and how to focus on, invest in, and uplevel your capabilities for personalization at scale. Dig deeper into results from Merkle’s survey of global marketing and IT leaders with Merkle data technology leaders Pete Rogers and Courtney Trudeau.
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Gaining Data Governance Flexibility in the Cloud

Storing your company data in the cloud can not only be empowering but also a breath of fresh air for your organization. It enables you to quickly pivot where other non-cloud organizations must zig and zag, allowing you to be proactive.
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The 5th 'P' of Marketing

Historically, marketers have relied on the 4 Ps — Product, Price, Place and Promotion — to inform their marketing strategies. These foundational components help companies satisfy the dynamic wants and needs of the consumer, while also meeting the demands of the business.
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Data Management Challenges to Avoid upon Data Ingestion

With more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data generated every day, it’s no wonder US martech decision makers cite customer data integration and customer data unification as the most valuable technology capabilities to achieving their marketing priorities.