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Mature Pharmaceutical Blockbuster Drug Looks to Optimize Engagement Through Relevant and Sequential Messaging

Getting customer engagement dialed in was the right prescription for boosting optimization.


A mature blockbuster drug was looking to strengthen prescriber relationships in a specialized competitive marketplace.  The brand wanted to optimize messaging at a quicker speed to be able to serve up relevant content to healthcare professionals (HCPs) but prescription data and measurement was only available on a lag.  The brand also recognized that tracking audience performance by tactic was an ineffective way of understanding brand affinity and did not allow for message optimization at the individual or segment level.

There was a clear need to create a marketing solution that would allow for quick in-market changes to better serve the audience. This type of program would also require a measurement approach that would allow for forward-looking optimization and backward-looking validation of changes implemented.


  • The brand recognized that engagement is an early-stage surrogate for campaign performance and impact. It designed a program focused on increasing engagement across their multi-channel professional ecosystem, which included a mix of digital, non-personal, and personal tactics. Working with Merkle Health, the teams decided to approach the audience using a sequential tactical communication strategy, executed through relevant trigger streams. 
  • This program was supported by (1) frequent (every two weeks) optimizations at the individual HCP level that aimed to deliver the highest engaging experience through a variety of tactics, and (2) a rigorous measurement approach that utilized both an integrated daily dashboard to understand tactical performance and a multi-channel attribution approach to measure impact.
  • Customer engagement was measured across tactics and used as a key performance indicator (KPI) guiding optimization. That KPI eventually became integrated into the impact measurement as a dimension to gauge the correlation of engagement and Rx impact.
  • The multi-touch attribution approach allowed for measurement at each addressable marketing touchpoint. This enabled the brand to understand the incremental impact of the new ecosystem, the contribution of each tactic, and the effectiveness of different content, all at the individual HCP level, which can be aggregated as desired. Measurement results facilitated longer-term tactical optimizations and further justified the approach being taken as an effective solution.



Contribution to total prescriptions (TRx) due to promotional activities


Points improvement in ecosystem contribution from previous campaign period


Gain in attributed prescriptions for healthcare professionals that engaged with non-personal communications


Increase in effectiveness showing 2+ content screens during sales calls

Keys to success

  • Implement a roadmap with real, attainable phases of program maturity.
  • Support with clear measurement objectives and a custom measurement approach by phase of program maturity.
  • Create an organizational culture of optimization cycles every two weeks by having clear roles and responsibilities across the various business units in the organization, as well as supporting vendors, agencies, and third-party providers.

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