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Connected Omnichannel Marketing through Data and Identity Transformation


A major credit card company wanted to improve its one-to-one marketing capabilities by streamlining identity capabilities and data sources across its 50MM+ card members. The approach would ensure connected identity across all marketing channels with the ability to target in real time and measure results at the person-level. The goal was to dramatically increase prospect acquisition through the refinement of its targeting models. Challenges included the inability to link known card members to anonymous digital IDs such as site visitors or audiences exposed to media.


The approach was centered around the implementation of Merkle’s Merkury solution for identity, data, audience development, and measurement. First, the strategy involved testing one-to-one in media through the Merkury publisher addressable marketplace (PAM) network. Second, the client analyzed Datasource relative to several other existing data sets, both consumer and small business. Third, Merkle partnered with the client to devise a proof of concept (POC) to test real-time site identity and the value that the datasource attributes provided to their personalization model. With the successful POC, the client is proceeding with a full site Merkury tag and implementation of Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) to connect identity to omnichannel orchestration. Merkle and the client are working towards a goal to improve site conversion by 10%.


Merkury person ID and data powering customer analytics and prospect models

Client’s media agency uses Merkury UI for customer and prospect audience matching for addressable targeting across digital media

Client is using Merkury assets and Merkle identity expertise to transform the enterprise 

Keys to success

  • Merkury Data – B2B data for direct mail prospecting campaigns. Merkury wider consumer data license for segments and models (entire file)
  • Merkury Clean Room – Analytics environment to assist on optimization of person-level segments, models, and measurement
  • Merkury Connections and user interface (UI) – Identity matching to proprietary, cookieless Merkury publisher partners
  • Private Identity Graph Consulting – Assessment of client’s identity environment, recommendations for first-party ID graph development.
  • Merkury Identity – Merkury ID resolution/master ID

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