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Recognizing and Targeting Digital Consumers in a Post-cookie World

Original Presentation Date

Dec 16, 2020

Key Takeaways

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What the deprecation of third-party cookies and mobile device IDs means to marketers
  • How you can regain lost audience tracking, insights, and targeting capabilities by deploying Digital Consumer Recognition
  • New capabilities enabled by first-party identity and data, and person-based activation connections
  • What a first-party Private Identity Graph is, why it’s important and how it can drive improvements and value to your enterprise
  • Key takeaways and steps you can take to solve challenges and establish competitive advantage quickly

Detailed Overview

With third-party cookies and mobile device IDs set to be deprecated in the next year, marketers are wondering how they will identify, understand and target digital consumers and what’s needed as a sustainable and effective basis of identity, data and technologies that can enable their efforts in years to come. 

Join experts from Merkle’s Merkury identity business for a discussion about challenges and solutions as marketers struggle for answers. Learn how marketers can use their websites, digital experiences, CRM, and media engagements to produce first-party, person-based ID’s, own and control this as an enterprise asset, and drive value and improvements to their organizations never before possible by leveraging third-party cookie and device ID-based technologies and data that the digital ecosystem was built upon.


Gerry Bavaro

Chief Strategy Officer, Merkury, Merkle

Michael Fuchs

Michael Fuchs, SVP, Merkury Solutions, Merkle