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How to Integrate Online and Offline: The Arhaus Story

Original Presentation Date

Mar 23, 2021

Key Takeaways

What you’ll learn in this session:
• How Arhaus identified website visitors—both existing buyers and prospects—that abandoned their session, retargeted them with online media, and delivered a direct mail experience to them
• Capture and apply customer interests to inform the customer journey through retention and reactivation marketing strategies
• Create actionable audiences of prospects and buyers who view or cart products to improve acquisition efforts
• Supplement prospect records in your merge-purge with incremental names.

Detailed Overview

Knowing that shoppers abandon websites more frequently than they buy, furnishings company Arhaus needed to connect with shoppers to drive sales and growth of its 12 month file. By implementing a digital identity solution, Arhaus was able to recognize the products that were being viewed or carted, create an audience with mailing addresses, and then mail a physical catalog to them. The results speak for themselves: Arhaus was able to build new target lists, which performed 46% better in responses and 63% better in dollars.


Christine Parish

Director, CRM, Arhaus

Jose Cebrian

Senior Vice President, Marketing Strategy