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Latest Posts

The Three-Fold Path To Donning The Data Hat

Data is the key to delivering personalized experiences and there has been a concerted effort to fervently collect first-party data in the cookie-less world.

The 3 Secrets To Romancing The Customer

Most of us never saw it coming. But as in the case of most doomed relationships, the end was inevitable.Google announced that they are making third-party cookies “obsolete” in 2023. This means that marketers have to make adjustments in a digital marketing world that will be very different.

Deliver hyper-personalized CX with AI

As COVID-19 changed the way consumers shop, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have become a critical component of any organization’s marketing strategy.

7 Tips to Drive YouTube SEO

In the blog post here, we previously discussed how video content can often be an overlooked SEO opportunity for many websites. To further support the importance of YouTube videos, a 2022 study found that Youtube.com is the second most-visited site in Singapore after Google.

AdTech & MarTech 101: Don’t Build A Maginot Line

In my earlier blog, The Synchronicity Between Business & Data Analytics, I looked at the need for businesses to evaluate the Who, Why and What of Data Analytics to prevent them from falling into the Solow Paradox.

How Adobe Drove Its Transformation Via DDOM To Reach Cloud 9!

What does the concept of being a “data-driven organization” really mean? A data-driven organization identifies the insights it needs data to inform, effectively manages that data and empowers its team to use the data.