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Your Pre-Prime Day Checklist for Success

With Prime Day just around the corner, it is critical to have a check list for success. Here are some tips that we have cultivated over our years of expertise on Amazon:

Before Prime Day

  • Review your business’s performance during the Prime Day event last year for any learnings you can apply this year. How did your average CPCs behave? Did budgets cap out? Did products go out of stock (OOS)? etc.
  • Make sure your daily campaign budget caps and portfolios (if applicable) have high enough limits so that you don’t cap out on budget during the event.
  • Build and launch any new campaigns (or products) you want running on prime day now if you can so that you can accumulate data to make confident bid adjustments.
  • Make sure your Stores pages are up to date and have the depth/sub-pages you want. If you don’t have a Stores page and are a vendor or brand owner, you should build one if time allows. Utilize the dynamic deal tile to highlight sale products on various pages.
  • Make sure any products you are advertising on have strong retail readiness (3.5+ stars, 15+ reviews, strong PDP content, etc.). If they aren’t ready, optimize them now or swap them out for other products.
  • Clearly define your program goals for Prime Day. Are you going to focus on maximizing revenue? Visibility? Selling a particular product? This will dictate where you spend your dollars and how aggressive your bids will be.
  • If you also sell off of Amazon, decide if you want Amazon to have promotional parity with your own site and vice versa since Prime Day tends to drive traffic up everywhere, not just Amazon.
  • Leverage Amazon Display to grow your ASIN remarketing pools and use Display’s in-market audience features.

On Prime Day:

  • Check in on what your competition is doing during the day to note for future iterations
  • Be cognizant of Amazon site outages which have been common in past years
  • Search your ads in an incognito window to verify they are showing as intended
  • If you are a seller, keep an eye on your business reports and total hourly revenue to help you gauge performance since advertising data is limited. If you are a vendor you can look at hourly sales by ASIN in Amazon Retail Analytics.

Want to learn more? Check out our Amazon Advertising Strategy Guide to learn about building an integrated strategy in the complex Amazon ecosystem.