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This Year's Digital Bowl Top Performers

Here's what Groupon and Avocados from Mexico did well during The Big Game

Hi. In this video we’re going to talk about 2018 Digital Bowl advertisers, and who won the real game. The reason we started doing this is it’s no secret that there’s a huge investment made on behalf of advertisers around the Super Bowl – from their media buy to their creative development – but if you don’t support that with your digital channels, you can leave opportunity on the table.

So to that end, we look at Paid Search, Organic Search, Social Media and Display Media to see how these advertisers are leveraging digital channels to capitalize on that investment.

This report comes together at breakneck speed. It’s put together by cross-functional teams that work together through the night. Then we calibrate those scores around 1:30 in the morning and it’s passed to marketing who carries it over the finish line to launch it on Monday morning.

Now we’re going to talk about the 2018 winners. First, let’s dive into our second place winner: Groupon.

Groupon really nailed Paid and Organic Search, ensuring they were at the top of the SERP for those queries that were relevant to their brand. We saw some room for improvement in Digital Media, but they did excel at Social. So what they were putting out on Twitter wasn’t necessarily breakthrough creative, but they were tweeting out relevant links at each moment in the game to offers that would use a JavaScript to redirect to offers relevant to your location. So for example, I was getting offers relevant to the Charlottesville area. And we also saw Tiffany Haddish, their spokeswoman, posting live from her seat in the Super Bowl Stadium during the game. And so they were able to use an extra channel to capture more audience that may or may not have been on Twitter.

Great. So without further ado let’s talk about our winner from the 2018 Digital Bowl Report. This year it was Avocados from Mexico. If you remember actually this time last year we said Avocados from Mexico is the advertiser to watch. They are the only advertiser to be in the top 3 performers for 3 consecutive years. They really have a tight Digital Game.

Avocados from Mexico is a veteran of the Digital Bowl. So they have their landing page and their paid search ads dialed to a T – so they were covering Organic and Paid Search queries. They were extremely active all over social. I think their content output was probably the highest volume of the big advertisers and they were also posting across channel.

And then we also saw a content partnership with Funny or Die. They were able to extend their message to a new audience in a completely different voice. So what may be considered off-brand for them and maybe not safe for them to do, they were more than comfortable to give Funny or Die more than enough slack in the leash to go out and go wild among its audience.

There’s obviously a lot more insights and a lot more findings that we can share, including some of the other big hits and misses that we saw. Download the full Digital Bowl Report to see how other advertisers fared. And, you can register any time to view our Digital Bowl Webinar on-demand for a deeper dive on the report.