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Winners and Rookie Callouts from the 2017 Digital Bowl Report

Thanks for joining us for this Merkle Insight video. I'm Dalton Dorné, VP of marketing. I'm joined by George Kamide, our social media and content manager. We're here to talk about the 2017 Digital Bowl.

This year's winner was T-Mobile, which ran an astonishing three ads throughout the big game and ran a multi-platform call to action for user generated content, and multi-narrative campaign across all digital channels. 

Our second-place winner goes to Avocados from Mexico. Avocados from Mexico performed killer across the three categories of SEO, paid search, and social media, getting a perfect score in those three areas. There was some opportunity for them to capitalize on in digital media and display, specifically with social retargeting pixels. If they had done that, they would have been this year's winner. As such, they remain our advertiser to watch in 2018.

And this year, we have some rookie call outs for Airbnb and 84 Lumber. Airbnb jumped in at the last second, and dropped an ad with relatively little ground game in digital, but the ad was so creative and so compelling that it trended for most of the game without any of that digital support. We have 84 Lumber, which is a first-time advertiser, jumping in with an astonishing 90-second ad buy, and which had suffered a setback earlier with a rejected ad, coming full force with a beautifully designed website. And again, they had a small digital ground game, but their compelling creative created a conversation throughout the big game.

That was an interesting one because that had a pure play digital call to action to go to the site. They did crash for a bit, but they were able to recover and get back up and had a lot of positive momentum in social.

For more insights from this year's Digital Bowl, and to deep dive on the various sections that we looked at, including paid search, SEO, social media, display, and digital media, please download our report. We'll see you next time.

See you next year!