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Video: Convert Better with Holistic SEO

Studying user behavior in Google Analytics can teach you a lot about a website's strengths and weaknesses. If you examine the right behavior, you'll gain the insights you need to ultimately improve the path to conversions.

Find out which three areas within the Google Analytics Flow Report can help you the most, in this video from Strategy Lead Laura Scott.


Laura Scott: Thanks for joining me on the RKG blog. I wanted to talk to you today about how you can drive conversions with a holistic approach to SEO.

So, what's holistic SEO? It's taking a user-centric approach to site optimization that takes into account your site health, your site content, and your external engagement to target both users and search engines. This begins with understanding your unique searcher and the content and experience that they want to have on your site. This approach drives not only organic discoverability, but also improves the experience that every searcher has on your site, and improves your conversion rating.

So how can you identify a few quick opportunities on your site? Check out your behavior flow report and your Google Analytics account. This maps how visitors are moving through your site. Pay attention to the pages where they're exiting. What experience are your users having on those pages? Does it include a clear path to conversion? Is the content on that page accurate and complete? Or are your users bouncing off dissatisfied?

Another opportunity is paying attention to high through-traffic pages. These are visitors that are staying on your site, but they're not yet ready to convert. This might be an opportunity to optimize. Why are those users moving through your site? Is it because they're getting close to conversion? Or is it because those pages don't include the information that they're looking for and they have to look for answers elsewhere on your site?

Also check out your users' path to conversion on your site. Are the first, second, and third interactions what you were expecting? Or are users following a different path to conversion? If so, is that path to conversion optimized as well as it could be? Or are you only optimizing for the path that you mapped out for them?

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below this post and check out all of our other great videos on the blog. Thanks for watching.