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Blog - Search Engine Marketing

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The Key Trends in Digital Marketing in Q1 2021

After an unusual holiday season, consumers kicked off 2021 with continued interest in e-commerce. The COVID-19 vaccine distribution accelerated, and two separate stimulus checks gave Americans a short-term influx in their disposable income. The prospect of traveling again became more promising as well.

Google’s Responsive Search Ads Update Points to More Automation

Last week, Google announced that Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) are now the default ad type within Google Ads for Search campaigns. While this update does not require any immediate action, it still sets an important tone for advertisers to pay attention to: a continued shift toward automation and machine learning.

Brands Turn to Digital in Super Bowl LV

Many longstanding Super Bowl advertisers opted out of National TV Buys this year, but digital remained an important investment.

Google to Retire Broad Match Modifier Match Type

Today, Google announced that its Broad Match Modifier (BMM) match type will be retired in favor of an expanded phrase match. BMM keywords will start being treated as the new, expanded phrase match in mid-February, with support for new BMM keyword creation ending in July. What should marketers do to adapt?