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Managing a Multi-Channel Open Enrollment Campaign

You’ve done your homework: performed data analytics on last year’s campaign to identify what works and what doesn’t; explored the market to identify new media and new targeting technology to make the next campaign more effective; planned your budget with careful attention to marketing mix and spend allocation by channel for the optimal go-to-market strategy; and you have the most responsive creative to attract interest, convert leads, and ultimately enroll new members. Now what?
Topic: Health | Insurance

What Does People-Based Marketing Mean to Health Insurance Marketers?

It’s the combination of the infrastructure, the ability to collect data across all channels and then the ability to be able to harness that data to drive insights and create messaging at a personal one-to-one level is really what’s creating competitive advantage for these organizations.
Topic: Health | Insurance | Video

Deft’s OE2016 Health Insurance Report Outlook

One of the things we learned last year from their research was the difference among the switcher population vs. the millennial population vs. the older population, and what their behaviors and attitudes were and what drove their decisions. I don’t expect to find new information in the '16 study, but what we do expect to see is how has the population evolved.
Topic: Health | Insurance