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I Am Merkle, Vol. 5

I Am Merkle is a series of interviews that showcase the individuals who make Merkle a unique and diverse place to work. This month, learn more about our featured employee, Jackie Sass.

1. Tell us about yourself; where did you grow up? Where do you live now? 

I grew up in Columbia, MD with my parents and two sisters, and currently live in Brookeville, MD with my husband and two young daughters, Evie (5) and Isabelle (2).

2. What drew you to your current career? 

As Merkle’s Director of Internal Communications, I was always drawn to marketing. Marketing and fashion. And, the more than 13 years that I’ve been at Merkle have only strengthened my love for the field of marketing. We have so many opportunities to try new and innovative ways to strengthen Merkle’s brand, introduce us to new potential clients, and strengthen our bonds with existing clients.

3. What inspired you to become the Religion Pillar Lead for DEI? 

Inspired by the work that the DEI organization has been doing at Merkle, I was looking for a way that I could join the team and make an impact. The opportunity to lead the Religion Pillar presented itself, and I dove right in!

4. What would you want people to know about the Religion Pillar?

We’re a small, but mighty team of 10 active members who represent Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Sikhism religions. We are passionate about our goal of creating deeper connections across the business by opening up a dialogue about the importance of religion and its impact on employees' lives.

5. What is your biggest accomplishment? 

My children. Having children changes your view on the world. They provide hope, focus, and a mirror to the way that you react to and treat others.

6. To date, what has been your biggest learning or teaching moment? 

I am CONSTANTLY learning, there’s not really one moment that stands out. When I think about what I’ve learned throughout my career at Merkle, I think about how much has changed with the organization and with me as a professional since I started back in 2008. It’s an arc of learning. I can only imagine how much I’ll learn over the next 13 years. It’s exciting to think about!

7. What is a moment in your life that defined or shaped who you are today?

Playing the role of “host” at the 2019 Global Executive Leadership Offsite by guiding the audience through their event experience felt like a turning point in my career. I never could have imagined how much it would shift others’ perspectives of me – I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to play that role!

8. What inspires you about your workplace culture?

My team’s drive, desire to innovate, and respect for each other and the marketing process. No matter what is thrown our way, those work ethics are seemingly bottomless for my team and it’s both incredibly meaningful and inspiring.

9. If you currently weren’t doing what you do today professionally, what would you be doing? (dream job)

I am doing my dream job. If I wasn’t doing this, it would be because I won the lottery and was spending my days traveling with those I love.

10. What was the first concert you went to?

The Beach Boys!

11. Rapid fire:

Favorite food

French Fries – I have a weakness.

Favorite TV show/movie

I love the Big Bang Theory, and any romcom that Adam Sandler does.

Favorite hobby/activity


Favorite book

I haven’t been able to read lately, but I listen to the Armchair Expert podcast whenever I can!

Guilty pleasure

Shopping for home décor. Give me a cup of coffee and a solo trip to HomeGoods any day!

Best advice or mantra you live by (in your own words)

Stay true to your brand voice.