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Customer Experiences Continue to Be the Focal Point for 2015

For years, industries have been shifting their focus toward customer centricity, building business and deliverables around the customer, and truly creating a 360-degree view of our most important asset. In the recently published, award-winning Marketing Imperatives we get a clear view to the convergence of the technologies and subsequent opportunities pushing the customer experience to a new level.  

Consider the forces, channels, and platforms that are converging across all verticals and industries, but specifically in pharma and healthcare.

  • Healthcare consumers are increasingly more informed (and demanding) as they gain insight and perspective through social sharing, patient-reported outcomes, and broadly available response and engagement metrics addressing everything from costs and treatment to recovery time. The pressure is on all elements of the healthcare industry to create a more personalized experience while leveraging the expanding set of digital tools, tactics, and media at their disposal.
  • Digital fluency among HCPs is driving the how, when, and where that pharma must engage with physicians. All consumers have established expectations around the concept of instant gratification, omni-channel solutions, and online immediacy, and physicians are no different.
  • Value-focused healthcare models with foundational expectations around treatment and outcomes are beginning to hold healthcare providers accountable for health costs and results, certainly a far cry from the traditional fee-for-service model. Additionally, the new MCO’s actuarial model puts the patient at the center with the focus on achieving the highest value and care possible for the patient, with all interaction and output metrics powered by data.

We are continuing to see the importance placed on the customer experience, and pharma needs to foster an environment in which their target audience of patients and healthcare professionals can create their own learning, engagement, and experiential model. Learn more about how insights drive high-performing customer experiences in our recently released white paper, "The Future of Personalized Health Marketing."