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Creating Positive Consumer Experiences

Know when and where to engage your audience

Pharmaceuticals, payers, and healthcare providers have long recognized the need to deliver tailored and personalized messages to consumers via reps, call centers, and increasingly in digital channels. Companies have invested significant dollars in the development and delivery of this messaging to better understand what makes for a quality interaction. Now customer experiences can be more personal, more integrated, and more easily managed through personalization and big data solutions. Above, hear Croom Lawrence, Merkle Health, discuss how it is now possible to know when and where you can connect your audience to a more relevant experience for a greater health impact.

Transcript: What makes personalization so exciting today is the opportunity to not only choreograph these two-way dialogues of increasing value with our customers, but the opportunity to predict exactly what they want when they want it. We can now do it based on their preferences, based on a test and learn plan that delivers editorial plans and content that is engaging, and then finally we can engage known individuals because they want to have the personal relationship. We can also add value to people that don’t want to lean in personally and still want to engage, and we can find them anonymously across the web and devices to make sure they can have an engaging experience that can lead to the health outcomes that they are seeking.