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Adobe Experience Platform Accelerator for Retailers

Data Accelerator is a cloud-based data management solution that is quickly onboarded to allow for analysis, insights, visualization and audience creation of your data. It’s a B2C and B2B solution that goes beyond a CDP by integrating first-, second-, and third-party data leveraging the Merkury private graph with built in extensions to Merkury Connections, Merkury Data and Merkury Cleanroom. It enables advanced analytics and insights into audiences and personas.

The end goal of Data Accelerator is to get your data centralized very quickly to manage end to end journey of your customers, in weeks – not months.

Retail Data Accelerator Features

Data Accelerator Retail draws from Merkle’s deep roots in building modern marketing data management solutions for the retail vertical, with a speed to ROI that isn’t found in any other database solution.

At a high level, Data Accelerator Retail contains:

  • Identity Resolution powered by Merkury private graph that allows the solution to match individuals across disconnected data sources.tch individuals across disconnected data sources.
  • Rapid ingestion and transformation of retail data for immediate consumption with over 30+ retail targeted tables
  • Delivering marketing performance insights through 35+ tables focused on inbound/outbound events which transforms and consumes raw event history and disposition data into standard formats for consumption.
  • Containing over 200 prebuilt, out-of-the-box aggregates that assist with segmenting and visualizing your marketing activity.
  • Standard dashboards that are preconfigured to provide an “Executive Summary” and detailed insights at the individual, product, brand, etc. level.
  • A compliance tool (Complyi) that includes a “Customer Lookup” capability and supports the full CCPA/GDPR Privacy request workflow.

Want to learn more about Data Accelerator? Check out more details here.