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5 Test Ideas to Improve Your Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday – Or the day everyone talks at the same time

Let’s pick one day a year and invite EVERY SINGLE NON-PROFIT ON THE PLANET to overwhelm the Internet with very worthy causes. That’s #GivingTuesday. How does any organization actually rise above all that noise? And how can you ensure your #GivingTuesday campaign is actually making an impact? Simple – test everything.

Give a little, gain a lot.

Yes, testing requires an investment. But considering most of #GivingTuesday occurs online, that testing is extremely cost-effective and easy to implement. Once you have a winner, you can go into the next #GivingTuesday not making it up as you go along, but knowing what works best for your organization.

Test your way to a better #GivingTuesday

1. Do you hitch your wagon?

Test incorporating the #GivingTuesday logo and branding, versus Giving Tuesday messaging with your standalone brand.

2. Can you keep it up*?

Test a “Month of Tuesdays” – ask donors for to have their gift repeated every Tuesday in December.

3. Would a match light up gifts?

See if a special, one-day match lifts response over a standalone #GivingTuesday ask.

4. What if you zag?

Test timing, or invent your own giving day! Beat the crowd by going out with #CyberGivingMonday or maybe try #GiveAgain Wednesday.

5. What’s the impact of your impact*?

Test a follow-up special report or infographic showing the impact of your #GivingTuesday funds, to inspire further giving.

*These ideas actually extend #GivingTuesday, raising the ceiling for donations.

Be a testaholic. It’s good for you.

When it comes to testing, it’s really hard to overdo it. You could try breaking down the fourth wall by giving donors an insider’s preview of your #GivingTuesday campaign. Or maybe test an anti-GivingTuesday message, like “Forget the gimmicks, we’re asking because it’s #UrgentNeed Day.” And then there are ask string tests, premium tests, celebrity signer tests ... yes, you might still be testing ten years from now. But think of how effective your #GivingTuesday program will be by then!