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Case Study: 20/20 Trust gets closer to its community

Bridging the Kiwi digital divide with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

For more than 25 years, the 20/20 Trust has provided digital inclusion programmes, leadership and research to diverse communities and people of all ages throughout Aotearoa, partnering with local communities to deliver its programmes.

20/20 Trust’s vision is that:

Every person in Aotearoa has the digital capabilities to fully participate in the world.

Ka taea e tātou katoa o Aotearoa ngā kaha matihiko ki te whai wāhi i te Ao 


Working to achieve digital inclusion in communities across Aotearoa through partnering on programme delivery and advocacy, 20/20 helps New Zealanders to further their education, find work, easily access the services and products they want, as well as manage their health, social and community participation.

20/20 Trust CEO, Warren Williams, says,

“One of the biggest challenges for organisations right now is to be able to shift from a reactive position to a responsive position. And when we look at Aotearoa’s digital divide specifically, COVID has had, and is still having, a huge impact. We’ve all had to ‘go remote’ and work from home. But what about those people who don’t have devices or the digital literacy levels that are needed? This all creates an even bigger need – and necessitates a huge surge in digital inclusion activity.

The internet is just as important as power and water, and the lack of it – and the means of communication it provides – can be quite serious. We need to see it as a right for all New Zealanders, rather than just a privilege.”


The opportunity

Confined by technology solutions that no longer met 20/20’s needs or supported its aspirations for the future in bridging Aotearoa’s digital divide, the Trust looked not just for a technology partner to help them bring a solid technology platform into the picture but also for a true partner to help guide them through their journey.

With its mission to help its customers get closer to their customers and empower Aotearoa to stay ahead through connected experiences, Davanti was just the partner to help 20/20 Trust make the most of this opportunity ahead, underpinned by Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

20/20 Trust CEO, Warren Williams, explains the challenge:

“We have a small but distributed workforce right across the country, and were all accessing the same systems at different times, in different places, and with differing levels of technical skill and competency.

As a small not for profit organisation with limited funding, a tight budget and a lot of responsibility, you need to use the tools that are appropriate, and 20/20’s systems were all created within the Google Suite ecosystem, using things like Google Docs and Google Sheets.

We needed a CRM – and not just a good system, but a good partner, too. As a small organisation, I was confident that Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud would give us at least 80% of what we needed, and probably more.”


The journey

“A good partnership has to be strong, authentic and reciprocal,” Warren says.

“It’s a continual investment for all parties – for us, for Merkle as our partner and for Salesforce. Having a good partner for our journey has been an important part of our own self-discovery, too – and throughout the journey, the partnership with Davanti has been crucial in helping us with our learning curve.”

“A true partnership is not just about when a project ‘starts’ and when it ‘stops’. We’re on an ongoing journey and, even today, we have regular stand-up meetings with Davanti’s Managed Services team to stay connected along the way.”


The outcome

Reflecting on where 20/20 Trust is today, Warren says,

“At an operational level, we’ve been able to start to address the challenges staff were facing in dealing with multiple spreadsheets. CRM will be our one source of truth.

Our expectation is that the CRM will deliver much greater reporting, visibility and insights, which will allow us to be more responsive and help us make better decision as an organisation. It also helps our leadership team better understand what we’re looking at at a certain point in time, and what we should be looking at in the future – for example, the performance of our programmes, and the factors that influence this.

People’s lives are constantly changing, and Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud helps us to get a greater insight into bigger picture trends and the specific and diverse needs of the communities we serve across the country, which allows us to better respond as an organisation.

Ultimately the greatest benefit the new system will bring is the ability for us to contribute even more positively to the communities we serve,” Warren adds. “Our customers may not interact with the system directly themselves, but they will certainly feel its impact indirectly through the level of quality that 20/20 provides.”



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For more information about 20/20 Trust:


A digitally included person, whānau or community has convenient, reliable access to affordable, accessible digital devices and an internet connection, and can confidently use them in their day-to-day life. 20/20 Trust helps to achieve this for the communities it partners with.


2020 case study

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