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Superpowers 2.0: Building the Business Case for CX Agility

Original Presentation Date

Jan 20, 2022

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • The six ingredients that have become newly important drivers of success in 2021, and those that have lessened in importance year on year.
  • The ways in which B2B companies have continued to deliver significant personal and professional value adds to buyers despite a tumultuous year.
  • Which brands are succeeding in delivering superpowered B2B customer experiences and what steps can be taken to close the performance gap between industry leaders and followers.

Detailed Overview

External factors of the past year have dramatically influenced the ways brands interact with their audiences. The current pace of change offers a fleeting window of time that affords marketers an unprecedented opportunity to transform their customer experiences to be in line with ever-changing buyer expectations, and ultimately step ahead of the competition.

In this webinar, experts from Merkle B2B and B2B International will take a deep dive into the recent findings from our latest research study of over 3,000 buyers of B2B products and services. We’ll also revisit the four B2B Superpowers — Reliability, Understanding, Enrichment, and Preeminence— and the ingredients that shape them


Simon Calvert

Chief Strategy Officer, UK, Merkle B2B

Oliver Truman

Head of Research and Analytic, Merkle B2BI

Heather Scott

Chief Strategy Officer, Americas, Merkle B2B