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How T-Mobile Optimizes Data & Analytics Using Cloud Marketing Tools

Key Takeaways

Are you getting the most out of your marketing cloud capabilities? Has your unified ID been properly implemented?

In this webinar we will cover

  • Challenges with multi-solution analytics tools
  • Organizational issues deriving insight across these tools
  • Proper implementation and utilization of a unified ID across the tools 
  • Rationalizing data from these cloud marketing tools to develop a customer strategy and build bridges between teams

Detailed Overview

Marketers spend millions of dollars on cloud marketing tools, only for the data to live in silos and in separate organizations. Additionally, many marketing clouds have a concept of a unified single ID, but organizations may not be optimizing it to its fullest potential. As a result, they are experiencing a disconnected digital view of their customers, and are not vertically integrating their data between offline and online channels.

Join Laura Chase, Senior Manager Optimization Operations, at T-Mobile, Michael Watts, Director of Experience Analytics at Merkle, and Eric Matisoff, Data Science & Analytics Evangelist at Adobe to learn how T-Mobile is unifying their digital marketing cloud ID, leveraging the Adobe Marketing Cloud Device Co-op, and solving for organizational challenges when using marketing cloud technologies across the organization. This webinar will interest anyone who has implemented a cloud solution, like Adobe Experience Cloud, and trying to transform their digital marketing into a cohesive story that allows the brand to communicate effectively with each person, across all devices.


Laura Chase

Senior Manager, Optimization Operations, T-Mobile

Eric Matisoff

Data Science & Analytics Evangelist, Adobe

Michael Watts

Director, Experience Analytics