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Roundtable: Planning for a New Reality: Inform your COVID-19 Rebound with Data & Analytics - Travel Industry

July 23

Event Details

Since the beginning of the pandemic, nearly 40M Americans have filed for unemployment and 1.77M Americans have been diagnosed with COVID-19. With confirmed cases increasing and government relief payments expected to run out this summer, marketers must become more data-driven in everything they do. They must evaluate each community’s economic and physical health to understand how their customers have been impacted in each market. They must understand which communities are rebounding more quickly or slowly, where they should be reopening stores and making marketing investments, or where an empathetic marketing strategy must be prioritized. They must augment their CRM data with first-and-third party data fine-tune audience targeting and segmentation across channels. 

We are hosting a roundtable session for the Travel industry on July 23 to discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the consumer journey and how Merkle's Market Impact Dashboards can be leveraged to inform organizations reopen strategy, find new consumer audiences, and set budgets for community-level marketing investments.

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