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Getting your data basics right from the start

Organisations are increasingly trying to put data at the heart of their business and decision making. With the growth in processing and storage capabilities we are able to collect and analyse vast amounts of structured and unstructured data, but should we be doing this in all cases?
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How to develop a time-affinity model

In the last of this series of blogs on timing, we will look at how to develop a time-affinity model, using a next best action timetable example to illustrate how the model works. Next Best Action Timetable
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Intro to GA4: Ecommerce in GA4

Here we look at Ecommerce in GA4, and demonstrate some of the capabilities that weren’t available for Ecommerce reporting in UA
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Intro to GA4: Data Studio Integration

Here we look at GA4’s Data Studio integration and use it to create a dashboard that demonstrates the key differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics.
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Accelerating from ABM to ABX with Merkle and Salesforce

2020 saw a seismic shift in how customers engage with brands. The early challenges experienced have in large part made way for greater opportunities for more meaningful engagement - and nowhere is this more apparent than across the B2B space.
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How market timing can affect a customer’s decision-making framework

In the second of this series of blogs, we will be exploring the impact of market timing and how this can lead to either a positive or negative customer experience. We will be illustrating this with three examples to show how timing becomes the most important factor in the customers purchasing experience.
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How to create a road map for cloud migration

In the previous blogs and whitepaper, we discussed the reasons that an eventual move to cloud is inevitable and also helped explain some of the terms used in cloud.