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Latest Posts

How market timing can affect a customer’s decision-making framework

In the second of this series of blogs, we will be exploring the impact of market timing and how this can lead to either a positive or negative customer experience. We will be illustrating this with three examples to show how timing becomes the most important factor in the customers purchasing experience.

How to create a road map for cloud migration

In the previous blogs and whitepaper, we discussed the reasons that an eventual move to cloud is inevitable and also helped explain some of the terms used in cloud.

What are combined audiences in Google Ads?

Audiences are integral to successful digital marketing. They allow us to target the right people at the right time, boosting conversion rates and limiting wasted spend. However, if you’ve ever run a PPC campaign within Google Ads, you’ll know that there’s an enormous variety of audiences to choose from.

Salesforce CDP: Enabling customer experience transformation

In this blog, we take a first look at Salesforce CDP. officially announced in early June, the enterprise customer data platform aggregates all data points about an individual customer across multiple platforms and devices to create a unified customer profile, enabling delivery of highly personal experiences.