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Driving performance from dashboards

Original Presentation Date

Sep 30, 2020

Key Takeaways

Transforming Customer Experiences Through Marketing Technology is a four-part series which investigates the Capabilities and Enablers driving business performance through scalable people-based customer experiences. This four-part webinar series will cover following topics:

  • 29 Jul: Enabling performance email at scale - Now Available on-demand
  • 26 Aug: Evolving from campaigns to customer journeys
  • 20 Sept: Driving performance from dashboards
  • 28 Oct: Accelerating agility in customer data

Detailed Overview

Driving performance from dashboards

Every modern marketer knows that data is the cornerstone of value for successful customer engagement. Businesses need a clear line of sight into the performance of their media, marketing, operations and financial performanceIt’s now necessary to enable data driven decisions in every area of a business; but this poses a significant challenge in stitching together the huge volume of raw data business generates today, and surfacing meaningful insights in an accessible way. In this webinar we'll look at the power of performance dashboards, and the three capabilities that support these:

  • Measurement frameworks
  • Data engineering, and
  • Data visualisation