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What Key Skills Do You Need To Be A Business Data Analyst?

These days, one of the most in-demand jobs has to be a business data analyst so if you’re considering this as a career move at the moment, you’ll find you’re joining the industry at a very exciting time. But what key skills do you need to get to the top of your field? Here are a few to prioritise over the coming weeks.


Advanced understanding of popular analytical tools

Familiarising yourself with the main analytical tools out there at the moment is a must – and make sure you go as in depth as you can to really stand out from the field. Look into Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics as well as a good starting off point.


Reporting skills

A big part of your job will be reporting so you need to know your way around data visualisation software so you can make sense of all the information at your fingertips, draw your own conclusions and help other people understand the salient points.


Structured query language

This is massively important in this particular industry so do make this a top priority to really get to grips with this year. You may not need it for every job you apply for but having skills in this area will help you get a leg up on the competition.


Communication skills

This is important in any job but it’s vital for a career as a data analyst. You need to be able to interpret the requirements of your clients, as well as presenting the data you have concisely and in a compelling way. Find even more tips and advice on the Forbes website now.