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What Health Marketers Need to Know About 2018

Healthcare marketers are bracing for another disruptive year. From the legislative shifts coming out of Washington to CVS merging with Aetna to ever-changing advancements in the digital space, there’s a lot for healthcare brands to stay on top of. Success in this transformative landscape requires healthcare leaders to reassess strategic direction, anticipate and absorb change, act with speed and momentum, and foster deeper connections with consumers through personalized and relevant experiences. It’s time for healthcare leaders to take a step back and ask some difficult questions about their marketing efforts to overcome disruption and capture opportunity.

At the 2018 Merkle Health Executive Exchange, taking place in Sarasota, FL on February 22-23, we will address disruptions affecting healthcare brands and potential strategies to create competitive advantage. If you’re a senior marketing or IT leader within the health insurance, pharma (HCP and consumer), medical device, animal health, hospital systems, wellness or health tech industries and you’re responsible for CRM strategy, digital strategy, analytics, media, or creative execution, this event is for you! Attendees of the Exchange will learn:

  • Who is using people-based marketing strategies to win in the marketplace
  • What the right activation strategy for people-based marketing tools looks like for your organization
  • How to position your biggest marketing challenges in creative, media, cloud, data, and analytics to gain alignment within your organization
  • Where to focus your energy to develop a more data-driven, customer-centric marketing strategy and activation plan for 2018

Jeff Dachis, former co-founder and CEO of Razorfish and now founder and CEO of OneDrop, a company that makes diabetes management simple, will deliver a keynote, Healthcare Becomes Meaningful with Personalized Experiences, that will explain how to create more personalized experiences down to the individual level. Data-driven personalization is crucial to improving lift and profitability, as studies show it can drive marketing ROI by 15-20 percent or more.

As healthcare marketers face a full-blown industry transformation, there needs to be a new priority: moving past old-style, broad-brush marketing efforts that consumers have become resistant to. Healthcare marketers must start investing in and re-orienting their strategy toward data-driven insights that enable them to meet individual consumer needs to improve health outcomes, while simultaneously driving marketing and media spend to achieve new heights of scale and efficiency, and ultimately, delivering greater business impact.

Interested in attending? Inquire here.