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Salesforce CDP: Enabling customer experience transformation

Salesforce has launched their CDP, helping brands to collect and unify all their customer data 

Salesforce CDP is here – officially announced in early June, the enterprise customer data platform aggregates all data points about an individual customer across multiple platforms and devices to create a unified customer profile, enabling delivery of highly personal experiences. 

The CDP supports enterprise identity management which is critical to enabling journey and interaction management. With 71% of customers using multiple channels to start and complete a transaction, marketers must be able to orchestrate according to the preference of each individual. Salesforce CDP offers one central place to create audiences for omni-channel usage - this will optimise client experiences around awareness, engagement, shopping, service, and loyalty.

How is Salesforce CDP scalable and what does the development roadmap look like?

The universal cloud information model offers a scalable foundation to unify all data to offer more personalised experiences. The foundation is the new Salesforce Hyperforce infrastructure, allowing users to scale rapidly and securely using public cloud partners. In our experience while testing at Merkle, the ability to progress batch data is powerful, while being compliant with data storage regulations.

Over the past months, we have experienced the innovative power of Salesforce on this technology with various new features and product improvements being released rapidly. The future roadmap looks very promising - now we can connect the Salesforce clouds and additional sources through Amazon S3. We expect more native connectors to become available through the AppExchange.

Salesforce CDP Interface

How does Salesforce CDP's technology fit into marketing of the future?

Delivering the total customer experience is enabled through data exchange between marketing, service and commerce. The Salesforce CDP offers the potential break down of silos by unlocking and stitching data together to create unified customer profiles. 

The platform is user-friendly with drag-and-drop features to enable marketeers to innovate, with less dependence on specialist data engineers. It has native ability to work with calculated insights, become AI driven and provide BI insights across channels.

We believe that with these, time to market for campaigns can reduce significantly, making organisations more agile to adapt quickly on market trends. Salesforce CDP activates data to interact with clients at the right time, with the right message, on the right channel.

So, what does Salesforce CDP bring to Merkle’s customer experience solutions?

With over 16 years’ experience as a certified multi-cloud partner of Salesforce, Merkle was chosen as a launch partner for Salesforce CDP and is one of the first approved partners for this technology.

Customer Experience Management (CXM) transformation requires integration across the business. A CDP enables clients to integrate data and audiences, creating a single customer view. With 84% of customers saying the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services, we believe digital transformation and data transformation, aided by CDPs, is key to delivering successful customer experiences, across channels and devices.

How did Merkle become an approved partner for Salesforce CDP?

We have set-up up an EMEA learning hub on Salesforce CDP with over 40 participants. Together we have looked at possible use cases resulting in a demo environment and followed a partner learning program provided by Salesforce to prepare for the official Salesforce CDP certification.

Being Salesforce’s #1 global agency partner, we see Salesforce CDP as a critical solution to help our customers bring Media and CRM together, and have started our first three implementations in EMEA.

To find out more, or book a session with our team of certified specialists, don’t hesitate to get in touch.