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Online v offline, optimising the mix

Convincing case for catalogue, reduced costs and improved efficiencies.

The challenge: As more consumers shift to online shopping, our client wanted to understand whether their traditional catalogue-driven business should reduce their current investment in traditional media channels and focus more activity on digital media.  Did the catalogue still have a role to play in driving online sales, amidst a complex array of channels including PPC, SEO, display advertising, direct marketing and outbound telephony?More savings needed to be identified but marketing channels managed by third parties led to inconsistent measurement, making decisions on allocating budget more difficult.

Our approach: We developed a multi-channel attribution model to enable the business to understand and optimise the relative value of customer purchase paths.

The results of the model made it possible to understand the value of the different types of marketing activity against sales.  This released a big pressure from within the business to significantly reduce send on catalogue. We were able to demonstrate that 60% of sales are still driven from catalogue, albeit fulfilled online.

Online vs Offline

The results: Our client decided to review the catalogue side of the business to increase efficiencies, by reducing costs without impacting sales. The first stage has helped improve efficiency; next they are looking to reinvest the saved costs to increase sales.

By combining all online and offline media channels in one place, and then distributing the sale across all channels, we delivered a solution not found anywhere else – a global first.