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The Path to Donor Centricity: Selecting the best offer

We have arrived at the final step in our people-based analysis process. So far, we have predicted the future value of each donor, segmented them, and understood what motivates them to give. Lastly, we need to select which offer is best for them.
Topic: Nonprofits

The Path to Donor Centricity: What motivates donors to give?

Understanding motivation is the third step of our people-based analysis process. To date, we have identified the future value of your donors and segmented them by both their actions and a well-rounded view of the donor as a person. Now we ask the question: Why do donors give to my organization?
Topic: Nonprofits

The Path to Donor Centricity: Who are my donors and how do they engage?

If you are following along (and who wouldn’t be), we have reached the second step of my people-based analysis process. We have already determined how much our donor will contribute over the next few years. Now it is time to better understand who they are and how they engage.
Topic: Nonprofits

The Path to Donor Centricity: What is the Future Value of my Donor?

The first step along the path toward donor-centric marketing is getting to know your donor. The crucial next step is understanding how much that person may be worth to your organization over the next few years. You can understand this value by building a future value model.
Topic: Nonprofits

The Path to Donor Centricity: Knowing Your Donors through Analysis

I am asked something about donor-centric strategy every day. The question may be about any number of functions but my answer is always the same: “Don’t overthink it or get ahead of yourself. “First and foremost, you need to get to know who your donors are as people.
Topic: Nonprofits

The New Customer Retention

Keeping an existing customer is more valuable to your company than trying to find a new one. So how can B2B marketers go about retaining their customers in the 21st century? Here are three key considerations.
Topic: B2B

How to Be Donor Centric in Fundraising (and When to Bend the Rules)

If you work on fundraising appeals for a nonprofit, then you’ve surely heard that it’s important to be “donor centric.” In a nutshell, that means focusing your communication on the donor, not the organization. For every cause, it all comes down to the impact the donor is having through their support.
Topic: Nonprofits

The Essentials of Cross-cultural Communication and Account Management

Working on a global account with an international team based on four continents in over a dozen cities brings tremendous rewards. Yes, managing time zones can be a challenge, but I’ve found a real joy in connecting with people who have incredibly diverse backgrounds.
Topic: B2B | More