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Blog - Marketing Technology

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How to Keep Your Head Above the Waves of Marketing Data & Technology

It recently struck me that the ability to keep my head above the waves is a skill and practice not just necessary in surfing. It’s also pertinent in managing an organization's marketing technology. Without a marketing technology strategy and the ability to rise above the chaos, leveraging your organization's data and technology may very well look like me on my first day back on a surfboard – fruitlessly flailing and floundering in a wild ocean of data and tech rather than harnessing their powers and enjoying the ride.

Meet a Cloud Native

Cloud natives grew up in the age of computational abundance, using websites backed by hundreds of thousands of servers such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. They’ve never seen computing rationed or throttled; it has always just been there.

How (Not) to Fail your DMP Like a Failing Relationship

In my blog post on DMP and Online Dating, I talked about some major advantages shared by DMPs and online dating: the ability to increase scale, personalize experiences, and improve targeting efficiency. As my understanding and experience has deepened in the past three years, I realized that simply using a platform does not necessarily lead to success.