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Learning In The Workplace For Career Progression – Merkle

BACK TO SCHOOL: How continuous learning can support your career progression

We’re one week into the new school year. Children across the country will have received up to 32.5 hours of learning already but, at work, how have you used that time? Chances are that very little of it has been devoted to learning something new. The new school year is a great opportunity to reflect on your own learning journey and how you can proactively make a change.


Learning doesn't stop when you leave school

Regardless of occupation, age or education, learning is a career-long obligation. Whether you want to develop a new skillset, challenge the status quo, or advance your career, it’s time to dust off those thinking caps and get back into that mentality of learning.

In digital marketing, there is even more pressure to learn. With technology, data privacy legislation, and consumer demands shifting at an astounding rate, marketers need to be at the top of their game. Make sure you know your ABCs when it comes to equipping yourself with the skills necessary to achieve: 


A is for 'Adaptability' 

Being able to adapt to the changing digital world is critical. Embracing change as an opportunity and developing an appreciation for different ways of working is how you will become more adaptable. This adaptability will, in turn, allow you to embrace more creative thinking to attack digital marketing from a curious and critical point of view.


B is for 'Brilliant Basics'

Becoming brilliant at the basics is now an expectation. The industry requires us to be ‘T-shaped marketers’ who have a broad set of knowledge and skills in marketing, but a deep specialism in a particular area. The hunger to know more about emerging technology and the latest trends can provide you with a broad view of what is happening in the industry without the need to try and be an expert at everything.


C is for 'Confidence'

Whether you’re presenting to stakeholders, analysing a report, or speaking with your marketing agency, confidence is key. Self-confidence through knowledge acquisition can help you with both personal and professional situations, increasing your presence in a meeting and enabling you to better express your thoughts and ideas. In marketing, where there are a lot of moving parts, confidence can help when making tough decisions or actioning change.


Learning with Merkle

At Merkle we have a portfolio of training modules that enable you to take control of your learning. If you are looking to enhance your ABCs (Adaptability, Brilliant Basics, and Confidence), then we would recommend you attend one (or more!) of our 101 training modules. These are manageable two-hour sessions where you and your marketing team can receive an introduction to a specific marketing area or channel. Whether you are looking to breakdown common misconceptions, understand the media landscape, spot opportunities for campaign delivery, or optimise the user experience, below is a list of a few of our favourite modules:

Analytics 101

Attribution 101

Programmatic 101

SEO 101

Interested in hearing more about our training module portfolio? Or how we can develop a training programme to suit you and your marketing team’s needs? Get in touch!