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Campaign Manager and Attribution: How to set up a Data-Driven Model

With Attribution becoming fundamental in driving maximum return on investment it is now important to understand what the best setting is to get the most useful insights from your data. If you’re using Campaign Manager for your reporting, you should definitely set up a DDAM. Here’s how.
Topic: Display

Google’s Brand Lift for YouTube: The Only Way is Up

Investing in video creative can be a costly undertaking, so it stands to reason that close attention is paid to the outcomes of running a YouTube campaign. This blog will delve into Google’s Brand Lift offering and how it can help paint the whole picture of campaign performance.
Topic: Display | Video

Custom Affinity 2.0 vs. Custom Intent Audiences

Custom Affinity and Custom Intent audiences allow advertisers to utilise bespoke targeting that is more granular and brand specific than ever before. In this blog, find out which targeting method is most suited to your campaign and how to set it up.
Topic: Display

GDA vs. DV360: Comparing Google's Display Platforms

There are many ways of running display activity – this comparison will be concerned chiefly with Google’s two platforms: Google Display Ads (GDA - formerly GDN) and Display & Video 360, (DV360, formerly DBM). They have a variety of similarities and differences in terms of the features available, which will be outlined in this post.
Topic: Display

Campaign Manager vs. Analytics 360: Campaign Tagging

Accurate and up-to-date tagging is essential in the programmatic world. It ensures the integrity of all our reports allowing us to be transparent. Do you need to add tags in your campaign? Read on to find out whether manual tagging or Analytics 360’s auto-tagging feature is more suitable to you.
Topic: Display

Post Click vs Post View Conversions: Seeing is believing!

Most consumers believe that all the decisions they make online are their own uninfluenced decisions. They often don’t realise that all the advertising they see and hear online is affecting every decision they make. But how can you identify the consumers that you have influenced? Intrigued? Read on to find out more.
Topic: Display