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Toothsi registers 300% QoQ increase in Revenue


Toothsi being India’s leading at-home smile makeover service brings the new and advanced way to get a smile makeover which is easy, affordable, comfortable, completely personalized and most of all invisible.

Toothsi has got a competitive edge over its multinational competitors because they target Pan India while toothsi adapts Hyperlocal targeting with focused performance campaigns in most of the Tier 1 cities. All the other local competitors being startups, toothsi outshines by far capturing the market with best in class 3D printing technology improving precision of the product while delivering end to end in-house for high quality guarantee.



Channel Inventory Expansion: Expanding the inventory to Discovery, Video, Smart, Performance Max, Snapchat, Quora and Verizon to garner more leads.​

Expansion of Target Audience: Expanded the target audience by exploring similar audience sets of qualified lower funnel audiences to discover high potential prospects. Experimenting on different age groups with creative customization like targeting teenagers.​

Creative and Placement Advantages: Identifying the best theme of creatives basis account performance and expanding this to regional creatives. Exploring different formats like Dynamic creatives. Taking first mover advantage of experimenting on Reel placements with inventory relevant creative formats.


Ensuring city wise targets are met with Omni channel and Hyperlocal targeting strategy on day-to-day basis. Optimizations were done basis the daily CRM report received on second last stage in user’s lead journey apart from maintaining efficient CPL across.​

By targeting new interest buckets, we were able to reach out to more potential customers.  Re-targeting users with different ad formats was also crucial at the same time. We leveraged the Custom Intent audiences on Google. We started off with Teen campaigns to target teenagers and their parents to help us reach out to the missed-out age groups from our targeting.​

We added vernacular creatives across channel to increase relevancy of the ad and worked only with the best theme creatives. Kick started targeting users on Reel placement with innovative creatives to leverage the new inventory.​

“The team at Sokrati has been part of our growth journey from early days and supported us with everything a dynamic and digital first business like ours needed to scale rapidly. Be it best in class optimization, timely insights on digital trends, competitive edge or cross-account learnings, the team has always been ahead of the curve, and we really appreciate the diligence & candor they bring on board.  The best part is how our teams work in tandem and challenge each other to break growth barriers, the effect is plain to see in the numbers.”

Sanchari Biswas Sharma

Head of Digital Acquisitions, Toothsi