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Tata Sky’s new product Binge+ launches on Amazon.in with full-funnel branding & performance campaigns


This year, Tata Sky rolled out a new product offering – Tata Sky Binge+ which provides a one stop solution for both Live TV & OTT. Our goal was to deliver awareness and sales for this new offering on Amazon marketplace.



For Binge+, we identified 2 main audience categories: First Movers & Premium audiences. The main challenge of this amazon ads campaign was that it’s a high-ticket new product with no campaign history or ratings/reviews for the customer. 

We decided to roll-out both branding and performance campaigns leveraging the entire spectrum of ad formats available on Amazon.

The plan was created keeping all the marketing funnels in mind. The overall budget was also distributed basis that. KPIs were clear from the beginning itself, which helped us spilt the budget accordingly. Approximalely 40% budgets were dedicated for branding campaigns and the remaining to performance campaigns.


For launch phase, we utilized both CPM (branding) and CPC (performance) ad formats. Role for CPM campaigns were to reach out to curated audiences which would be apt for Binge+ product and create top funnel awareness for the product.

CPC campaigns covered all the high traffic keywords with aggressive bidding on all fronts. This ensured that during high traffic sale days, binge+ was visible on all placements with a special emphasis on targeting competitor products offering the same benefits at similar price points.

Newly designed static creatives were used for branding campaigns. The creatives were the major game changers as they mentioned all the necessary details needed to educate the customers about the product.

“The launch campaign of the Tata Sky Binge+ smart set top box on Amazon produced results which beat benchmarks. Not only did we get impressive reach, but also quite rapidly and effectively. This gave us time to build on revenue driven campaigns, all within the eco-system of Amazon Advertising. This was the result of the team at Sokrati taking on the initiative to optimise the full-funnel campaign. We were certainly pleased with the engagement metrics and revenues for Binge+ on Amazon.”

Anurag Kumar

Chief Communications Officer, Tata Sky



better CTRs than the category benchmark


better CVRs than the category benchmark

72 lac

People reached on amazon marketplace

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