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Tata CliQ uses Programmatic campaigns for Branding at Airport


Tata CliQ LUXURY targeted a programmatic Digital Out of Home(DOOH) campaign promoting the brand across Mumbai and Delhi Airports

The objective was to drive brand awareness  amongst the audience in Airports


Tata Cliq Luxury, E-comm brand aimed to reach Highflyers at the Mumbai and Delhi Airports with pDOOH using affinity and behavioural audience insights

Audiences with an affinity for high-end brands and preferring online shopping were the key target.

KANTAR brand lift evaluation was utilized to measure the impact of the campaigns in driving the key metrics for the brand

The Lemma team planned to utilize the location data to map and determine the exposures of those audiences who visited the stations during the time when the programmatic DOOH ads were displayed. Similar profiled audiences who visited the stations when the ads were inactive were mapped.


Considering the audience profile and footfall density, 2 of the busiest airports in India were identified for the campaign. 

Each tastefully designed ad, promoted different product categories ranging from fashion, jewellery to perfumes and more 

The creatives had a clear call to action with a QR code that allowed viewing audiences to download the app when scanned. 

Timed to sync with prime-time bands the ads were displayed on large screens across Mumbai and Delhi airports that offered high wait time — boarding, arrival corridor, baggage claim etc. 

A Control – Exposed research design was implemented by Kantar, wherein the Lemma team planned to reach out to specific audience cohorts (online) with the help of retargeting capabilities and survey invites to fill in the survey questions.

Client Testimonial


“Given our brand objective of raising platform awareness and acquiring new luxury-seeking customers, we partnered with Lemma Technologies to run the PDOOH for our marquee sale event Black Friday. We shortlisted airports as an opportunity area to capture our high-affinity audiences and shortlisted locations at Mumbai and Delhi airports with high dwell time, OTS and ran our campaign for a duration of 1 month. The Lemma team was successful in blocking desirable inventories for us. The campaign was immensely successful and registered above industry benchmark scores across both upper and lower funnel metrics such as aided awareness, message association, brand favourability and purchase intent for the platform during the sale duration. Going forward, we plan to include PDOOH as part of our media mix not only for our tent-pole sale events but also for equity driving campaigns and I strongly recommend Lemma technologies as the PDOOH partner of choice.”

Rajat Kashyap

Manager - Brand Management, Tata CliQ