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Strong Audience Modelling & Communication Strategy Aided ~9x Increase in Subscribers for Viu


Viu set out to align performance marketing campaigns with the business goal of bringing in quality subscriptions at lowered costs.



Adapting Business Strategies to suit the lockdown situation in Malaysia and the changing consumption pattern:  The team redefined  strategies like moving 30% of premium Viu content, such as A World Of Married Couple, behind paywall.

Behavioral Segmentation for Prospecting and Remarketing audiences:  Custom Audience List based on user activity for Remarketing audiences and Look-a-like audiences for prospects basis RFM, Trial and Paid Expire.

1. Mapped 7+ custom app audiences to relevant lists: Paid Expire, Trial Expire, Billing Page Dropoff, Subscriber expired etc.

2. Carrier targeting basis mobile network for New Acquisitions Targeting carrier users of Digi, UMobile & Maxis on Mobile Web Campaigns


A multi-channel Media Mix Strategy:  The campaign utilized -Facebook, Google Search, Discovery, Discovery, Display, and UAC-to reach out to confined targeted audiences.

Offer-based Creative Ads and Communication Strategy:

– Offer-based communication, such as 20% off on 1 month and Buy 2 Get 1 month free, were run across channels with relevant CTAs like Go Premium Now.

– Messaging was not only in English but also Malay which helped garner better CTRs owing to vernacular ads.

– The creatives promoted various genres of high-engaging content including Korean drama, Viu Originals and Malay shows.

– A creative mix of ad formats consisted of Collection Ads, Video Ads, Feed Ads, Static Image Ads, Text Ads, Bumper Video Ads.


“There is never been dearth of content, especially now when the eyeballs have increased. Thus, our objective was clear, quality subscriptions at lowered costs. The team at Sokrati put together a strong media plan and what stood out was bang on communication and audience strategy. We’re looking forward to breaking more of our records!”

Saurabh Kanojia

Associate Director - Digital Marketing, Viu


“With audience intent modelling guided by our people-based strategies, the teams were able to reach out to right set of viewers via performance campaigns. Additonally, relevant messaging and accurate mapping helped campaigns bring about 9 times increase in subscribers at lowered costs.”

Anubhav Sonthalia

Chief Executive Officer



Lower Cost per Install


Lowered Costs per Subscription


Increase in Number of Subscribers

Keys to success

  • A multi-channel media mix strategy
  • Offer based creative ads and communication strategy

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