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STL Tech gained 3X growth in blog sessions using Best B2B SEO Strategies 

STL Tech is the world’s leading data innovator. STL Tech has expertise ranging from connectivity and access solutions, hyper-scale network design and deployment, programmable networks, to AI-powered digital solutions. Amidst the breakout of the COVID-19, STL Tech and Merkle Sokrati partnered to provide long term solutions for their Search Engine Optimization Strategy.



STL Tech’s new website was launched in the month of July 2019, the website started gaining organic traction in the month of August & September, but it started witnessing a drop during the OND Quarter. With the news of the Coronavirus breaking out the world around us was transforming. Amidst those uncertain times, STL & Merkle Sokrati started their operations on Search Engine Optimizing their newly developed website. 



Our overall focus was to get a set of keywords ranked on the top SERP pages, optimize & create new content consistently and keep the website technically sound in terms of crawl ability, indexability, site latency etc. 

The goals were clearly defined by the STL Team to work on delivering greater brand presence on SERP, improve the overall sessions & Merkle Sokrati initiated the work by focusing on creating a strong technical foundation and building a comprehensive content coverage on top of the same for our key product pages.


Content Building: We focused on creating evergreen content on high-difficulty keywords by doing thorough competitive research, market overview & analyzing the SERP landscape to curate detailed suggestions along the way. We reached 0th position on SERP with few videos appearing in Rich results.

Improve Ranking: We focused on adding high-quality, relevant intent-based FAQs to the long form ever green content to ensure that the pages start showing relevant FAQ queries to the users. Along with this we also obtained the 0th Position on SERP along with a few videos appearing in Rich results.

Off-Page Growth: We created consistent high-quality backlinks from relevant domains to ensure our backlink count grows consistently with regular backlink analysis & spam analysis to keep a check.


“We developed a great partnership with Merkle Sokrati; with proactive performance monitoring and strategy iteration, we drove continuous growth on our website where the focus was to establish a strong SEO foundation with consistent technical support, content diversification and consistent optimizations”

Manish Sinha

Chief Marketing Officer - STL Tech



Growth in Blog Sessions Y-o-Y


Growth in Keyword Coverage

175 %

Growth in Blog Clicks Y-o-Y

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