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Manyavar.com observes an all-time high annual growth at 220%; leverages data-backed multi-channel media strategy


Manyavar has always considered its audience as the focal point and has never shied away from investing in digital media to reach out to them. With changing consumer patterns, the apparel retailer has leveraged digital media to increase awareness and its ad spend returns. For the prominent fashion retailer, the marketing campaigns, coupled with Sokrati’s expertise in performance media, aimed at sustaining ad returns while scaling up simultaneously. Manyavar collaborated with Sokrati to chalk out and execute a campaign strategy with the sole purpose of growing revenue from its website: manyavar.com/.


The Strategical Solution

The campaigns were powered by a thorough market study that covered periodic trends, market analysis and an in-depth understanding of competitors. Along with the research, the teams also relied on Sokrati’s decade long experience and their rooted understanding of the e-commerce industry. The plan was to incorporate a cohesive multi-channel media strategy including Google, Social, Programmatic & Branding platforms. While the overall objective was increasing revenue, the team started with branding campaigns for audiences before launching the core performance ones for conversions.

Special emphasis was laid on constantly enhancing the brand recall using different audience sets, by dynamically showing them their last interacted products. The ads, that were shown on media platforms, leveraged celebrity-centric creatives which helped increase brand relevancy.

For strengthening the customer base, the team aimed specifically to improve new users vs. returning users ratio. Considering audience targeting as critical to success, aggressive and proactive testing of new audiences across 6 geographies was carried out.  The channel-specific audience lists aided in finding and reaching to new audiences that had higher conversion probability and then eventually convert them into loyal customers using custom communication and the brand recall that had already been building.

Technology and automation were ingrained in the approach using Google Analytics, SEM Rush and Google Speed Insights to keep an eye out on granular details for website and campaigns such as identifying best performing audiences, creatives, products and geographies and optimize campaigns accordingly.


1.Diverse audience-centric media mix:

Facebook, Google, Bing, Programmatic were all leveraged for a multi-channel people-based marketing campaign. For Facebook, patrons were remarketed based on purchase recency and relevancy and ads were backed with custom communication and optimized event, also leveraging best performing ad formats such as Intro cards in Feed campaigns. Within Google ecosystem, along with Search best practices, brand impressions were improved through push marketing (Display & Discovery campaigns). Special features such as Showroom campaigns to increase store visits , unlocking beta Geo features and cater to "near me" queries were used for extra performance and increased conversions.

2. Audience Targeting:

To widen customer base without losing precision, the campaign curated custom audience lists, remarketing lists and look-alikes across google and social channels. The audience bucket included website visitors and purchasers, high life-time-value (LTV) and average-order-value (AOV) customers, wedding and festive buyers for instance buyers searching for a dress for Ramadan or kurta for Raksha Bandhan, etc.

The campaign smartly targeted the competitor products’ intent audiences to ensure maximum exposure to new audiences. It reached out to 18-45 YOs across 6 geographies - India, US, UK, UAE, Australia, Canada.

Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns (DRMs) were leveraged to minimize drop-offs in each step of the funnel. For remarketing lists, various buckets like add to cart, cart abandoners, past purchasers, etc. were created and targeted.

3. Creative Communication:

An occasion-centric yet custom communication has been the key in all creatives. The major focus was to enhance the credibility factor through our overall communication.

Audience specific communication for Add to Cart ("Your cart is missing you"), Cart Abandoners ("Everyone is eyeing on your favourite, purchase before it's gone"), and for Converters ("We know you loved your last purchase from us, we have an Exclusive new piece for you").

The brand resonates highly with celebrity-centric creative ads, keeping a ‘festive’ feel intact. The creatives leveraged various popular faces like Kartik Aaryan, Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt and Amitabh Bachchan.

4. Reporting and Analysis:

The campaign entirely utilized Google Analytics (GA), SEM Rush and Google Speed Insights.

Google Analytics was used to identify performing audiences, creatives, products and geographies through the full-funnel and its insights were used to optimize funnel for better spends return.

“Trends rapidly change in our industry and it’s crucial to constantly evaluate our digital presence, especially our website, in order to stay close to our potential customers and our patrons. Together with Sokrati’s expertise in e-commerce, we could not only multiply our revenues and reach our audiences globally but also amp up the web traffic. We are working on producing great work as a team, and will continue to break our own records!”

Prateek Kumar

Business Head - E-commerce, Manyavar


“Festive windows in an year are relatively shorter and competitive, therefore, it’s imperative for media strategies to hit the bull’s eye. Manyavar's vibrant creative messaging along with our impeccable campaign measurement and optimizations reduced funnel leaks. Marriage of these factors delivered an all time high annual revenue growth of 220% along with a significant website traffic increase.”

Anubhav Sonthalia

Chief Executive Officer



Increase in ROAS


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Website Traffic

Keys to success

  • Diverse Audience-Centric Media Mix
  • Audience Targeting
  • Creative Communication
  • Reporting and Analysis

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