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HBR Ascends Boosts Search Traffic From Long Term SEO Strategy Best Practices


Execute a complete SEO project for HBR Ascend with

(1) Site migration for revamping the website and URL re-structuring,

(2) On-Page Strategy to enhance search traffic and

(3) Tech Support and Assistance for smooth website functioning.​


1. Site Migration​

  • Redirect Mapping, Crawl Control-Identify and fixed crawl errors
  • Sanity checks on internal and external links of all owned properties to the migrating section
  • Optimize page load speed, Canonical checks, Fix Duplicate Meta data Issues
  • Fix duplicate content issues, GSC error fixes, Article optimization recommendations​


2. On-page Suggestions​

  • Keyword Research, Meta Tags Optimization, Interlinking Suggestions​


3. New Topic Suggestions​

  • Consider competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, User search intent, and client’s business goals)
  • Content Creation-Navigation and Taxonomy Panel Strategy, Competitive analysis-Keyword and Content Strategy​


4. Website Sanity​

  • Site errors, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx errors and response codes, Duplication of Meta, Headers, Title, etc.
  • Multiple redirections (infinite loops), Multiple redirection hops, Crawl errors, parse errors and enhancement errors.​


5. Tech Support and Assistance:​

  • Structured data implementation (Video Schema, Organization and Website Schema, Article Schema),
  • Sitemaps and international SEO activities, Robots.txt and Spam Backlink Analysis, AMP testing and
  • Suggestions, Footer Suggestions and Recommendations, Breadcrumb Suggestions and Recommendations,
  • Site Migration Tech Suggestions, Page Speed and Site Latency Optimization Suggestions, Crawling and Indexing monitoring (Page level)​


“Sokrati team did an exceptional job in laying out & executing the strategic plan to scale the search traffic for HBR Ascend- a learning platform for young professionals from Harvard Business Review. The team was meticulous and had deep understanding on all the facets required to scale search traffic.”

Dviwesh Mehta

Marketing and Analytics Head, HBR Ascend


“Our goal was to increase the traffic to HBR Ascend multi-fold. By successfully implementing right mix of tech, content and innovation using strategies such as Tentpole & TF-IDF, we were able to improve their SEO traffic by almost 2x. These were heavily tech & analytics drive projects that we undertook with close help from the HBR team. Looking at how the plan has come to fruition only motivates us to do better!”

Anubhav Sonthalia

Chief Executive Officer



Increase in Organic Sessions


Keyword Movement from 100+ to 1st and 2nd page


Increase in Organic Users

Keys to success

  • Site Migration
  • On-page Suggestions
  • New Topic Suggestions​
  • Website Sanity​
  • Tech Support and Assistance

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