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Emami scales Zanducare products using social media by 17.5X in 6 months

Zanducare is a health and wellness product of Emami which has its major share in offline Market place. During the pandemic it decided to go online. Merkle Sokrati initiated the online customer journey from website, full-funnel paid ads and audience strategies. 


It was imperative to scale up at consistent ROI while building individual product portfolios and shifting the people's mindset of Zanducare from Zandu Balm to wide range of healthcare products



Real-Time Optimization
Facebook Rules were leveraged to optimize the spends in accordance with real-time performance. Targeted hours to improve efficiency on ad spent. Campaigns were designed to fuel each funnel event and reduce CPMs.

Personalized thematic communication
Thematic Creatives were restructured for website to make ads based on Audience Relevancy & recency and a variety of product sets were created for building and structuring product portfolio. A full marketing funnel was created by shifting the dependency on static creatives to dynamic creatives. For top revenue generating states vernacular ads were created.  

Audience-first approach
New user acquisition and recency based remarketing campaigns were initiated with catalog sales to increase the relevancy of products shown


  • Frequent (A/B) tests were conducted to leverage various levers.
  • The journey started with broad targeting to recognize audience engagement and to learn best performing cohorts, based on which a niche was targeted to build individual product portfolios

  • Targeted hours were utilized from best performing hours of the day to improve efficiency of ads

“With Consumers becoming more tech-savvy and digitally active, e-commerce space has opened up a world of new opportunities. Customers’ shopping habits have undergone a huge shift over the past few years with online shopping and digital payment gaining popularity. This change of shopping pattern necessitates companies to adapt quickly to leverage the new trend. We are pleased to partner with the Merkle Sokrati team for building an entire digital journey for our Zanducare brand to create awareness and generate encouraging sales in less than a year.  I am happy that we have been successful to keep the relevance and connectivity with today’s evolved consumers through Zanducare."”

Harsha V Agarwal

Director, Emami Ltd.



 Increase in CVR


Increase in ROAS


Scale up in 6 months


Scale up monthly

Keys to success

  • Initiated an integrated online journey for the product portfolios in July'20 and gained 200% increase in CVR  
  • With higher targets of revenue and spends each month, the account was scaled at ~54% increment every month with ROAS maintained consistently

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