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DMC's Budget Optimizer achieves 21% increase in Conversion Rate for Emami Zanducare.


Emami Zanducare is one of the most trusted brands for Ayurvedic Healthcare Products in India. ​

The brand wanted to optimize the campaign ROAS. ​

Merkle Sokrati carried out a split test between Dentsu Marketing Cloud’s budget optimizer & Facebook CBO to achieve the objective.


The team at Merkle Sokrati deployed DMC’s budget optimizer for this campaign. It is a unified advertising & analytics platform that helps marketers plan, optimize and measure their campaigns better, using proprietary ad-tech products and assists in optimizing campaigns across creatives, targets and budgets.​

The campaigns were optimized & the best performing ad sets were focused basis DMC Optimizer’s learning & performance.

The DMC tool prioritizes recency which garnered a 21% better conversion rate than the Facebook CBO. This ensured that we are retargeting the consumers who made latest purchases.

Execution & Inferences

Merkle Sokrati's team carried out a test comparing the performance of DMC budget optimizer against Facebook's CBO.​

An A/B  test was set up with three ad sets with the same parameters and were taken live on Facebook's CBO and the DMC budget optimizer for a span of 14 days.

The team constantly monitored the campaigns and arrived at the conclusion that the tool that considered recency (DMC Budget Optimizer) gave 20% better ROAS & 27% higher CVRs in comparison to Facebook’s CBO.

The Sokrati team was able to push suggested changes to Facebook from DMC itself, saving them from making these changes manually.​



“The team at Merkle Sokrati used Dentsu Marketing Cloud for optimizing our campaign and helped us in improving our campaign conversion rate while increasing the ROAS. We were able to retarget our customers with DMC’s regency and increased the number of purchases.”

Nalin Sood

Head - Digital Ecosystem, Emami Zanducare

“People don't have shorter attention spans, instead they have shorter consideration spans. With Zandu, it was crucial for us to identify (1) hyper-relevant users who'd consider the product and move to the purchase stage (2) best-performing ad sets that would result in higher conversions and RoAS.​​ ​With DMC Optimizer's Learnings, we were able to deploy remarketing campaigns for recently engaged users and improve Zandu's purchases by 16% and CVRs by 21%.”

Anubhav Sonthalia

Chief Executive Officer